Social Networking Conference (Beverly Hills) brings you highly qualified experts in the social networking industry to speak about all forms of management, internet/mobile technology, and marketing for the social networking and social media industry. Presentations are focused on topics concerning better management of a social networking business, introducing new business models, improving profitability, increasing traffic and improving conversion rates. Each presenter will be both objective and neutral.

We are currently seeking speakers for this event. Only experts in business management of Social Networking, Online Personals, mobile technology, software, venture capital, marketing and/or advertising experts will be considered. Please click here if you are interested in speaking at this event.

Dow Jones Jeff Bruce
Vice President or Media Services at Business & Relationship Intelligence
Social Networking & Business Information Technologies
Electronic Arts Travis Falstad
Head of Social Networking Marketing
Keynote Address: Social Networking and Gaming: How the Business Grows Virally
Wal-Mart Ben Newton
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
Wal-Mart & Social Networking
Intel Michael Brito
Social Media Strategist
Social Networking Brand Loyalty: View from a Fortune 100 Firm
Google John Ploumitsakos
Head of Classifieds & Local Advertising: Online Sales & Operations
Google Insights: Advanced Information on Trends and Search for the Social Networking Consumer
Sun Microsystems Sumaya Kazi
Senior Social Media Manager
Social Media Strategy Plans
Yammer David Sacks
Effective Business Social Networking With Community Messaging
Digg Aubrey Sabala
Marketing Manager
Bridging the Gap: Taking Your Online Community to the Streets
Sales Force Clara Shih
Head of Social Networking Alliances & Product Strategy
Implementation of Enterprise Social Networking Across the Company
Oracle Marius Ciortea
Senior Manager, Project Management Office Web Architecture
To Be Announced
Hewlett Packard Angela LoSasso
U.S. Social Media & Social Networking Manager
Social Networking in the Technology Hardware Space
Nokia Reno Marioni
Member of Research Staff
Advances in Mobile & Social Networking
CSRA Christopher S. Rollyson
Managing Director
‡ Success with Enterprise Social Networking Initiatives: How to Plan, Launch and Measure Projects with Twitter, iPhone and Others